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Take a step further NOW - into a process that shifts awareness and consciousness at its source and uses our natural, innate states and processes of consciousness to ignite transformation and effortlessly release performance in both the coach and client. Process-driven The MasterProcess TM is process-driven, not content-driven. It can be applied to, and integrated with, any coaching content to generate better results. It will seamlessly complement and enhance your existing coaching process/methodology. No matter how experienced you are as a coach, and no matter which of the usual coaching tools you are currently using, the MasterProcess TM can take your coaching to another level. The MasterProcess TM is a 6 step Coaching model the online course is over 14 hours of video material.

Powerful Question

13 core high risk language patterns and the Powerful Question that deal with those patterns. Time and again we see high profile corporate failures and disasters that incurred losses and remedial costs collectively totaling billions of dollars. At their root cause was the failure of Directors and/or Executives to ask the right questions, and problematic cultures that form and thrive because the right questions weren’t asked. Three or four well-placed questions at the right time may have avoided those losses, added hundreds of millions of dollars back to the bottom line, averted litigation and regulatory sanctions, and prevented the consequential market cap and reputational losses. Three or four questions that would have taken only a few seconds to ask!

The Practice of Stillness

The Practice of Stillness is a group of meditative practices, developed by the great sages throughout history, that use the natural processes and activities of life to enable us to merge into Stillness any time, anywhere, whatever we are doing. Useful for beginners to regular meditators. Stillness is the essence of our Being, the fabric of our consciousness. Stillness is the source of every breath, every thought, every action and every experience is always present within us and around us - even in the chaos of modern life can be found in every moment dwells within each of us as Self. We experience Stillness as the deep, profound peace, contentment, wisdom and love that envelops us when we let go of the limited sense of self with which we associate, and regain deep connection with our inner being and the world around us.

Consciousness Centered Coaching

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