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Powerful Questions

13 core high risk language patterns and the Powerful Question that deal with those patterns

Powerful Questions Online

13 core high risk language patterns and the Powerful Question that deal with those patterns

"Powerful Questions is a powerful yet simple set of techniques that will enable me to ask relevant questions without appearing to question the integrity of others."
Vanessa Boully
Chairman, Royal Flying Doctor Service

  • elicit higher quality facts and insights, and make better-informed decision.
  • elegantly and seamlessly challenge assertions, assumptions, cognitive biases, resistance, group-think and poor research/analysis without losing rapport
  • embed higher level skills that are transferrable to any role: communication, critical thinking, creative/divergent thinking, complex problem solving
  • significantly reduce financial and non-financial risks and losses
  • generate high levels of accountability in the company
  • ensure faster, more successful outcomes
  • substantially enhance due diligence and compliance capabilities
  • build a strong, effective, proactive Board, Executive and Management culture
  • instil ethics, integrity, openness, honesty, accountability throughout the organisation.

Time and again we see high profile corporate failures and disasters that incurred losses and remedial costs collectively totaling billions of dollars.

At their root cause was

  •  the failure of Directors and/or Executives to ask the right questions, and
  • problematic cultures that form and thrive because the right questions weren’t asked.

Three or four well-placed questions at the right time may have avoided those losses, added hundreds of millions of dollars back to the bottom line, averted litigation and regulatory sanctions, and prevented the consequential market cap and reputational losses.

Three or four questions that would have taken only a few seconds to ask!

  • 13 core high risk language patterns
  • learn at your own pace
  • over 6 hours of recorded material



Di Thompson,

FAICD, Director, Working Strategy

I recommend the Powerful Questions program to Directors who may feel intimidated by asking questions – very powerful useful technique.

Phil Jacobson

Education entrepreneur

Overall, the webinar opened my eyes to a new way of communicating. I am now amazed at how often it is overlooked. It feels so fundamental. I particularly resonated with the sensory questioning. That felt like a really incisive and accurate way to expand understanding. I have always thought that language is such a finite, limited tool to express something as unlimited as feelings or perceptions, so using questions that tap at those roots really makes sense. Although I have intuitively used questions to soften my interrogative style at times or negate being confrontational or direct, I didn't see until now how vital it can be in cutting through to the core of problems. Powerful Questions are also questions we need to ask ourselves for greater clarity and insights into the voice of our own subconscious. This was a big take away for me.

Leo Menkens

Director, Menckens & Associates

An excellent program. I apply the techniques constantly, in Board meetings, while negotiating and dealing with clients. It is a very useful process. Asking the Powerful Questions is the best value that a Director can bring to a Board, ensuring that everyone is accountable and that the Directors are properly informed. The questions are ideal for identifying potential trouble spots. Everyone in the Financial Services industry ought to attend the Powerful Questions Workshop, no matter how senior they are.



"Christo Norden-Powers deep business insight from years of coaching executives, directors, business owners and their people, is threaded throughout in this online course presentation. I would highly recommend the "Powerful Questions" Course for Company Directors, who governance role requires them to ask probing questions about all manner of issues arising in a company. The Course gives you several sets of questions to have at the ready, for clarifying and understanding information, detecting areas of risk, active listening and building engagement for solutions and strategies for meetings and also for appraising Board Reports. The Course is essential for new or experienced directors who want to hone and improve their governance skills.“

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